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Good Morning

good god, Jim, STARGATE?

Martha's fan fiction

"Adventure has no place in the anthropologist's profession; it is merely one of those unavoidable drawbacks which detracts from his effective work." Claude Levi-Strauss, Tristes Tropiques, 1955


Updated 9/22/07:
The grass so little has to do. SG:A. "Don't think I remember the conditional of that verb," Ronon said flatly.

The Stories

The longer ones are:

Plank: Blair didn't mean to snoop ... but finding that box in the back of Jim's closet may cost him his life just the same. First posted in May, 1998; Kareila generously hosted this story at Hargrove Vault for years; with the Trickster crash, the link now leads to a backup here at my own page.

Unsleeping. Sometimes a sentinel can just hear too damned much. Finished 7/9/00

Then there's the cobbled-together trilogy, Tristes Tropiques. No, really, I had it all planned from the beginning, I swear. The stories are:

When Jim learns just how far Blair is willing to go for a footnote, it nearly destroys their partnership. March 1997.

Snake Oil.
After Blair finally confronts old nemesis at an anthropology conference in Los Angeles, he and Jim bring more back to Cascade than just a touch of sunburn. July 1997.

The darkest secret of Blair's past returns to haunt him in the midst of a difficult murder investigation. June 1999.


There are a handful of short stories too:

The Anthropologist on the Edge of Forever from May of 1998.

The Portable Jack Kerouac. May of 1999. The Smarm Queen's birthday falls in May -- the least I can do is try to write a little goo for her, especially since I can't cough up for that silver 'vette.

Grail was written the summer after the second season of Sentinel and posted to the Beach list years later. By now it's a story that's been told many, many times by many fine writers, but I still have a lingering fondness for this version, written back when the world was young.

Voir Dire. A short smarm piece, first posted February 2002. Blair goes undercover, and the usual ensues.


Then there are the collaborations:

The aptly named Drunken Goo which Kitty coauthored, after goading me into beginning it in the first place, (posted at the Smarm Sanctuary, as are all my collaborations.)

Listening, by Kitty, cat1, and Merry, and me, and

Borneo Eyes by Kitty and me.

Beach is an ongoing collaboration with Kitty.



Danny Can't Dance, 3/31/02, is set in the aftermath of the episode Hathor. My first story in another fandom. I feel like cracking open the champagne or bursting into tears. Apparently I need to get out more, seeing as this counts as high drama in my life.

Lovely (7/13/03): Daniel looks for peace in the aftermath of Absolute Power and The Light. Unfortunately, he goes looking for it in The Most Dangerous City in America. A Sentinel/Stargate crossover, gen, around 300k.

The Shadow Over Chatsworth: Drs. Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay go for a drive on a dark and stormy night.


Some nice mentions and awards:
Plank and Ordeal were both nominated for a 1999 Huggy for Best Dramatic Short Story, and "Plank" won the 1999 Cascade Award for best drama and the 2001 Cascade Times Award in the "Favorite Long Story" category. Snake Oil was nominated for a 1999 Huggy for Best Novel and won the 1999 Cascade Award for Best Novel and the 2000 Cascade Times Award in the Best Horror/Scary category. Unsleeping won the 2001 Cascade Times Award in the Favorite Horror/Scary category. Grail won a 2002 Burton as the best Smarm story. Borneo Eyesa collaboration with Kitty won the 1999 Cascade Award for best slash snippet, but it is, in fact, as gen as can be.


Original fiction:

It is as you feared: I've succumbed to the greatest vanity of a fan fic author and posted some original fiction.  Please note: these stories aren't about Jim and Blair, and there are some warnings appended.

Monkey Brains
Last Night on Findy Sickle Ridge (in progress)


My email is soulcake[at]bellsouth.net, and yes, since you ask, I am a neurotic author who gauges her self worth entirely by feedback -- if I don't hear anything, I'm liable to run off and start my own Reviews and Recommendations page. And by the way, of course I have no claim whatsoever on The Sentinel nor on Stargate SG-1. I've been nattering on about The Sentinel anyway.

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