You Shine Where You Stand

Oh Bonny Portmoore

Fan Fiction
by Dasha

The Imperfections Universe

If Blair's washing out of the guide program, who's taking care of Jim?
A Sentinel Crossover, Alternate Universe Series.


Unconventional Virtue

I. In Each Moment Grace

II. In Each Heart, Hope

The Birds and The Bees. And also as it turns out, flowers
Mac really should have had that talk with Richie. No. The other talk.


In The Early Spring, the Paris Sunrise Comes Just After Seven
How do you babysit someone fifty times your age? A sequel to Samsara.

Other Fandoms

Sentinel fiction housed at Cascade Library

Sentinel fiction housed at 852 Prospect (author search for "Dasha")

Stargate fiction housed at Area 52

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