"His name is gracious, and the love of him is sweet."
The Papyrus of Ani (The Book of the Dead)
Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge, 1895

Slash by Martha


The Prating of Stones. Rodney was not physiologically incapable of receiving the message after all.

The Red Door. A novel of healing and Ancient architecture. Jesus, John thought. They really were in a Frankenstein movie

Moka. The search for a good cuppa jo in the Pegasus Galaxy


Tatters. Crossover with Sentinel. And Angel, apparently. It's four months after Lovely and everything's back to normal. More or less.

Entangled (July 2007) It's raining in the Pegasus Galaxy. Good thing this is taco night. Written for the Jack/Daniel Ficathon

Red Sky at Morning (August 2005) Another Jack/Daniel ficathon story, this one an afterward for (obviously) Red Sky. Daniel gets religion. BIG RED WARNINGS for explicit sexual content and sacrilegious treatment of a sacred object.

This Player Here, But in a Fiction. (Posted August, 2004, written June, 2004) , because you can never have too many Aliens-Made-Us-Do-It stories. Except maybe you can.

Cold. (90K) (November 2003) First contact goes badly.

Sinner's Grove.(October, 2002) Sometimes too much of the host survives. Rated NC17 for sexual violence/rape.


His Left Hand. This time, Jim lets Blair go on Stoddard's expedition. It's a bad idea.

Kitchen Song (posted 9/18/04) was written over a period of two and a half years from roughly '97 through '99, and is, in general, a sort of AU slash sequel to Snake Oil. Unfortunately, if you come to this story expecting more ghoulies, suspense or coherent narrative, you'll be sadly disappointed. There's nearly half a meg of story here, and the only thing that passes for plot is the unfolding drama of whether Jim and Blair will ever stop fondling each other long enough to get some dinner. NC-17, I suppose, for extended descriptions of the dangly bits.

Kitchen Song

In Thicket, first posted January 2001, is a G-rated post-Night Shift story that I couldn't have written without Dasha.

Distant Journey, Unknown Lands, (posted November, 2001) was cowritten with Lemon Drop who says this story starts a few days after TSbyBS and runs a long, long way. And so it does, to a length of nearly 600k. Distant Journey is housed at 852 Prospect, the Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive and isn't G-rated, but if you skim it for the naughty bits, you're in for a lot of skimming. Wonderful Lemon Drop, a woman who writes like a demon and has the patience of a saint, has also posted Distant Journey on her web page with additional notes and information (and recipes, even!)

Something or Other (July 2002) is a sequel of sorts to my gen story The Portable Jack Kerouac, and like that story, was written for Kitty. 30k or so, rated R for explicit but extremely gooey sexual content.

June 2003: I continue to squeeze Jim and Blair stories out of poor Jack Kerouac's work. At least this one possesses the notable virtue of being extremely short. Kneeling, at a whopping 4k, is all about going grocery shopping in the rain.

July 2004. Two very brief tags to the episode Smart Alec. "Hal" and "Doubt."

My gen fiction is at Good Morning Sunshine.